Warranty Policy


IRTH Bags are meant to stay with you on your journey for a long time, they come with a warranty of 9 months against manufacturing defects. For metal trims/elements, the warranty is 6 months from the date of purchase. 

The warranty will not be applicable for IRTH Bags in case of the following: 

Wear and tear as a result of usage 

  • Damage cause due to mishandling 

  • Damage caused by getting the bag serviced at an unauthorised outlet 

  • Damage caused as a result of contact with fire/hot surfaces 

  • Damage caused due to exposure to chemicals and solvents (this also includes sanitiser) 

  • Damage caused due to improper storage of IRTH Bag 

  • Surface or plating wear off (both metal and non-metal elements) caused by abrasion or impact 

  • Damage caused intentionally or any consequence of the same