The IRTH Bags by House of Titan offer a variety of premium bags that are affordable. These thoughtfully designed handbags will make every woman’s journey joyful. IRTH offers classy handbags that complement any outfit and perfectly capture the elegance and individuality of modern women. 

Different elements of the chic and trendy IRTH Bags need different ways of care/cleaning. 

A. Cleaning of Bags: Handling stains can easily be removed. 

1. Take soft cotton or microfiber cloth. 

2. Dip in normal water at normal temperature. 

3. Squeeze or remove excess water from the cloth. 

4. Rub the stained area with a damp cloth. 

5. After Stain is removed, use a dry cloth to pat dry the bag. 

B. Tarnishes oxidised trims: Metal trims might get oxidised when in contact with moist air. 

1. Take a soft cotton microfiber cloth. 

2. Rub against the tarnished area. 

3. This should remove the tarnish and make the metal shine again. 

C. Retention of Bag Shape: When not in use, stuff the bag with paper stuffing in order to retain its shape. 

D. Things not to be done:

1. Do not use any soap, detergent or chemical to clean the bag. This also includes sanitiser. 

2. Do not overstuff your IRTH Bag. 

3. Do not use rough fabric or material to clean your IRTH Bag. 

4. Do not use colored fabric that might bleed color to clean your IRTH Bag.